Saturday, August 29, 2009

How Fast Can You Run?

I am not a good runner.

My form is awful, I am terribly slow.  I pant.  Groan.  Not a pretty sight.  Right now in my triathalon training, I can run 1 mile. Which I consider quite a feat considering that 7 weeks ago I panted walking up and down the stairs.

But back to running.

How bad is my running?  This bad.

When I was about 14, our dear friend Tom Brennan lived with us on Governors Island.  He was like a big brother to me.

And in true “big brother” fashion, he really knew how to piss me off.

We were playing cards one summer afternoon.  I am quite sure he was cheating.  Probably I thought that because I was losing.  But never mind.   I mean, I am not a sore loser or anything.


I am not exactly sure what happened.  I know I threw cards at him.  And he laughed in my face.  Then ran out the door and around the quad where we lived.

So, naturally, I chased him.  Eventually I caught up.  I was in an all out sprint.  He was barely breaking a sweat.  

Then came the huge insult.  He turned around and started running backwards.  I am chasing him like a crazy person, running as fast as I possibly can, and I could not come close to catching him.  Running backwards.  Laughing the whole damn time.

I can only  hope, that like wine,  I will get better with age.

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  1. Kudos to you! I hate running and joke that I will only do so if someone is chasing me with a big knife and the intention to use it. But I want to want to run.