Sunday, August 16, 2009

The Ugliest Suit in the World?

The weekend I agreed to do the triathalon with my sister, I went for my first real swim in a long while. No "wading" in the ocean, taking a "dip" in the lake. I put on goggles and swam. In my size never-you-mind red floral Lands End mama bathing suit.

I soon realized that if I wanted this bathing suit to remain decently beach-worthy and not have the resistance of the entire pool working against me, I would have to get a **gasp** Speedo.

Now I am inherently cheap. I come by it honestly. My mother used to cut the alligator off Izod shirts and reapply them to larger sized generic shirts so my brother would think he was wearing a name brand.

I made a pact with myself that this journey would not break the bank. I was going to try and do this as inexpensively as possible. So with that in mind, when it came to a VERY large Speedo, I turned to Ebay.

The thought of buying a not-new suit might make some cringe. Or even turn white. I didn't even tell my daughter because I knew I would get the look of horror that comes with the realization that a previously worn bathing suit was going to enter her home.

I mean, it can be washed right? And sterilized? And washed again?

In any case, it was not used but NWOT (which is New Without Tags for you non-Ebayers). And it is butt-ugly. My husband advised me not to wear it in the ocean when the blues are running for fear I might be mistaken for a lure.

I don't care. It was $9. And I don't think it's THAT ugly. You be the judge.


  1. Kelly,
    I think it isn't so bad....other than the fact that it is a SPEEDO. Not sure I've worn one of those since I started needing a bra!

  2. ummmm..... well having the black on the bottom is slimming...and the lighter on top//well not sure you need to appear"larger" there. You have that covered! But soon you can upgrade to the red one piece Pam Anderson sported on that annoying beach show! I am sure you look great kelly... those suits are not attractive on how the butts make everyone look like they have pancake ass!