Saturday, August 15, 2009

I Have a Co-Conspirator

I have a co-conspirator. If I'm not careful, she just might kick my butt.

Adrienne was in Virginia visiting my brother last week. Last Sunday Brendan did a Dog Days of Summer triathalon, and since it was a relay, asked Adrienne if she wanted to run the 5k leg. She agreed.

She came home with a Speedo, bike shorts and the announcement that she was going to do the Tri For A Cure with me next August. Which is huge because Adrienne has never been keen on her swimming skills.

She is an awesome kid. Determined, motivated, empathetic, driven. And stubborn. Really, really stubborn.

Hmm, I wonder where she gets that from? Never mind.

When she was 8 we used to take swimming lessons at the Warwick Valley High School in New York. She got to the point where she was paddling upright, keeping herself buoyant. Until one day during class her bikini top fell off. She was mortified, ran into the bathroom and announced she was never taking swimming lessons again.

And she never did. This is where the stubborn comes in. Like her.....father. Right.

So she steadfastly refused to take lessons from there on in. But now she has had a change of heart, and I have made it my mission to get her swimming ready for the Tri next August.

The swim is, however, in the ocean.

One step at a time.

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