Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Kissing Frogs

I have taken a fair amount of exercise classes in my life. When we lived in ND I was an aerobics nut. I practically lived at the Y every morning.

There were a few instructors that I loved, some were okay, some I really disliked. I kissed a lot of frogs, and found a couple of princes.

Adrienne and I are still looking for our spinning prince. So far we have kissed 2 frogs. The last one was the yuckiest.

Monday morning Adrienne I arose and headed for the Y. Adrienne does not speak for at least an hour after waking up. Sometimes 2 hours. So our morning routine is entirely without words. I shake her foot at 5:35, she gets up, gets dressed, comes downstairs, gets her water, gets in the car. All without a word. We drive to the Y. In silence. We enter the Y. In silence.

When we got to the spinning room, there was this chatter coming from inside. I figured the instructor just chatted a bit before class began.

I wish.

She had this twangy, kind of grating voice. And she never shut up. Not for the whole entire hour. She played really loud Woodstock music. Adrienne loved that. Not. And kept talking to us about visualizing cycling through a corn maze. When all I was really visualizing was a muzzle. It was excruciating.

So we still have 4 more instructors to try.

Here's hoping one of them turns into a prince.

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  1. Awful! Hope the next instructor is much better.

    A million years ago when I ran a marathon, a friend ran with me for a couple of miles, just to keep my spirits up. Well, this friend managed to talk and talk about all kinds of *repetitive* noises that bother her, to my extreme irritation! I must have been in too much of a trance to successfully redirect the conversation. All I know is that it was exactly the kind of support I didn't need!