Tuesday, August 18, 2009

To Clip or Not to Clip?

REI is the bomb.

We spent an air-conditioned afternoon there last beastly-hot weekend, scoping out all of our triathalon-related necessary items.

Bikes. Helmets. Clothing you can swim in. Wet suits to put over the clothes you swim in. Learning the difference between clip and clip less bike pedals.

I know from close-to-my-heart experience that I am going to have trouble getting used to the bike clips. Or anything that requires a tremendous amount of coordination. My nickname in college was Grace. Need I explain?

Okay then.

I worked in a deli at the University of Michigan. One of my jobs was to use the meat slicer. (You can open your eyes, this has nothing to do with missing digits). So I had to open all the necessary items and slice them up- turkey, corned beef, cheese, the works.

The ham came shrink wrapped in this long metal container. I would open one end of the long can, tip it upside down and the ham would slide out.

Except this one time. The wrapping was melted to the other end. So I could not get it out. So I took the long metal container in both hands and started to shake it up side down. Still nothing. I shook harder. And harder. And harder.

And in one quick motion the ham went flying out into the sink. But I had so much momentum going with my arms that when the can lost all it's contents, I ended up smacking myself between the eyes with the can. I hit myself so hard I had a golf ball sized egg between my eyes. Very attractive. After nearly passing out, the manager of the deli made me go to University Health Services to get checked out.

That was quite embarrassing. Was injury work related? Sort of. Explain what happened. I hit myself in the head with a can of ham.

I just hoped that the doctor wasn't that cute.

It went from being grotesquely bruised, to moderately red, to just looking like a large pimple in a few weeks.

Which brings me back to our current question. To clip, or not to clip?

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