Sunday, March 14, 2010

To Do List

I have a long to-do list, and less than 2 months to get it accomplished. The beginning of it goes like so:

1. Find something halfway presentable to wear swimming to biking to running that shows neither my still-present pregnancy fat roll, nor lets my top-side pair fly free. Wish me luck with that.

2. Outfit my daughter with something she can also wear to swim/bike/run. She will look infinitely cuter in hers than I will in mine.

3. Go to Paul's Bike Shop sale and swap in a few weeks to see if we can trade our mountain bikes for racing bikes for less than a small fortune.

4. Attend a class at REI to learn how to change the tires on said bikes. Adrienne has told me that if she gets a flat tire she will just stop. She has no interest in changing a tire, apparently. But just in case she doesn't want a flat tire to end her triathalon experience, I will haul her grouchy little behind with me to the tire-changing class. Moms can be like that.

5. See my primary care doc about a prescription for Xanax.

1 comment:

  1. #5 - hehe!! Good luck on trading in your bikes. I'm looking forward to the next two months - I enjoy reading when other people are working hard!