Friday, March 5, 2010

I Thought It Was a Booger, But It's Not

I went to the Y today for a midday swim. I do so love having Friday's off.

It was a fairly quiet swim day all things considered. The last lane was empty so I availed myself of the nice quietness and hopped in. There was a swim club two lanes over who were really going to town. I think it was good practice for the triathalon because they were bobbing and swimming, and kicking their hearts out. Made for a lot of waves, which I definitely need to get used to. The first tri we are doing is in a pool, and about 100 people swim at a time. Not in the same lane, naturally, but in the same pool. Could make for a bit of....choppiness.

About halfway through my swim, a guy jumped in to share my lane. On one of my return laps he was hanging onto the wall putting headphones on. How cool! I have been wondering about listening to music while swimming. I asked him how he liked them, if they worked well, etc. We had a nice long chat about his awesome little accouterments.

Then he swam away and I went to wipe some water away from my nose. Turns out it wasn't water after all. You catch my drift.

How he didn't hurl right then and there is beyond me. Maybe his goggles were foggy.

For his sake, I certainly hope so.

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