Wednesday, December 2, 2009

First 5K : Check

So it is written.  The first 5K is out of the way.

Hey, that rhymes. 

I had hoped to run it in under 40 minutes.  I mean, some people can walk faster than that, right?

But I blame it on the sea of strollers and dogs in the back-of-the-pack place where I was hiding  waiting.  My final time? 40:43.

Here I am before the race:IMG_0270

(Note to self: jogging bra shows VERY much through those sweat-wicking shirts.  Good lesson for next time)

And here I am afterwards with my daughter.  Who by the way ran 5 miles in almost as much time as I ran 3.1.  But whatever.


I actually had way more fun than I thought I would.  The first mile was  a killer. All uphill.  But after that I started to enjoy myself.  When I rounded the last corner and this  song came on my iPod, I was sure I could conquer the world. 

Or at least finish the race.  Upright. 

Next up, a 5K in under 39 minutes.  What are the chances?

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