Thursday, September 3, 2009

On the Road Again

This is for my sister. Here is a picture of her at her first Olympic triathalon.


I did not realize you were supposed to run along side your bike. I have a lot to learn.

Ode to My Running Shoes and My Darling Nagging Sister

I will not lie

I hate to run

I’d rather sit at Cinnabon

But lazy is as lazy does

So now I’m on the run because

The goal of tri is in my eye

(I thought it was a piece of pie)

But I had fun

On last nights run

I ran a mile

And managed to smile

But not to talk

(Until I walked)

And I am taking it on the road again tomorrow night. I will attempt to run a mile in my neighborhood without being spotted by anyone I know. I don’t want to be that “Oh bless her heart” person.

You know who that is. We’ve all seen her.

You drive by someone struggling to jog, looking like they are just barely moving themselves forward, propelling themselves by sheer will, while looking like they are in excruciating pain. And in your head (or maybe even out loud) you say, “Poor thing, bless her heart”.

I do NOT want to be her.

PS- Photos will most definitely not follow.


  1. I'm motivated. I'm tired just from looking at that picture! LOL...good for you though!!

  2. Hello it's me the Pain in the Ass,
    Sending motivating( annoying) messages to Mass

    Not sure if you are praising or making fun
    but be sure my taunting is not done

    I will not rest till you do your first Tri
    and that Spandex outfit hugs your thigh

    Kelly swim, bike, run fast don't stop
    if you really want to see me Crop till i drop