Thursday, January 14, 2010

Shaking It Up

Loving the new gym. Really and truly.

Last Sunday we went to check it out. Ran on the treadmill whilst watching the Patriots have their heads handed to them by the Baltimore Ravens. I had never run on a treadmill before. It wasn't too bad. Except for the part when I was done and I still felt like I was moving. When I hopped off I swear the whole gym started swaying. Kind of like getting off a boat and are still rocking while you are standing on firm ground. Luckily it didn't last too long or I might have fallen over on my face. That would have been a tiny bit embarrassing.

Monday night Adrienne and I checked out a spinning class. Very nice. Fantastic instructor. Tons of sweat. Me likey.

Last night was the best, though. I have not done step aerobics in forever. Adrienne thought it would be fun to try. So off we went.

Now the only complaint I have so far is about Latitudes is the parking lot. Picture a race track. Then visualize it in a parking lot. That's what you have at this gym. Crazy drivers. Packed parking lot. Heart in mouth. Stopping short as someone cuts you off trying to find a spot.

Monday night we arrived at what must be the busiest hour for them-6pm. Nutsoville. I ended up dropping Adrienne off at the front door to get bikes in the spinning class. I circled the parking lot for almost ten solid minutes before finding a spot behind the building, about as far away from the front door as you can get. I considered myself lucky to get a spot that did not involve a fender bender, and grabbed it.

Last night--not so bad. Monday must be the day everyone vows to themselves to work off the chocolate cake they inhaled over the weekend, or something. I guess Wednesday is just not that kind of day.

The music was awesome. Loved getting back into the aerobics groove. My daughter did not love it so much. Five minutes into the class I looked over to find she was doing the syncopated version of step.

That is to say, off the beat. Shortly thereafter she put her step away, told me she was getting on a bike, and snuck out of class under waving arms and between dancing, sweating "old ladies". That's what we were. Apparently step is for boring grownups.

But whatever. It was great exercise, massively sweat inducing, and greatly motivating. And I can only imagaine all that cardio will help out with running in the end. Right??


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